Sunday, October 16, 2011

Your Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Nobody knows exactly how young people act more than, you guessed it, young people. As a young person, I've been through the grit and grime that is adolescence, high school, internet drama, blah blah blah. I'm still an avid social networker and I sit and watch how people act from my computer screen and I'm some weird combination of surprised and not surprised at all. Everyone in the world, especially the youth, likes to preach about how everyone is a backstabber and everyone is two-faced. They preach and preach and preach about it yet they do nothing to protect themselves from it. You're obviously aware that no one can be trusted, stop fucking trusting people! With this post I actually want to say that while normally your significant other is the person who is closest to you, they are the one you should trust the least. This is because more than likely your significant other and best friend will be your biggest enemy sooner or later. They are just an "I think we should see other people" away from declaring war on your ass. Once you piss a girl off, or a boy for that matter, you've got to watch your shit because they will do anything to see you go under. Everyone gets pissed off at the way other people, even their closest friends, act and they need to vent. So everyone gets together with their girlfriend or boyfriend and says "Fred is a dumbass. He thinks he knows everything, blah blah blah". We're all guilty, I vent to my girlfriend all the time, but you have to watch it. Spilling every bit of your guts, heart, and soul to your significant other is a mistake in so many ways. One, it leaves absolutely no mystery as to who you are and kills the spark in the relationship. Two, if you're trusting them with all this information they have that over you, also they know you're more likely to want to stay with them, making them realize they can probably get away with cheating and playing your heart like a fucking bongo. Three, your relationship probably isn't going to last. You're probably somewhere between the ages of 15 and 25 and I can almost guarantee that the person you are with is not the person you are going to be with when you die, considering you live to be 70 or so. Knowing that you are probably going break up, and probably soon, do not tell you girl or boyfriend what a fucking idiot you think your best friend Fred is! She's going to hate you in a matter of weeks and she's going to tell Fred, Bob, Sally, Ray, Sandy, Katie, and Paul how much shit you talk about them all the time. Everyone has to vent, but keep the shit talking to a minimum and keep it between yourself and someone you know for a fact you can trust! If you're thinking "I'm going to be with this person forever and I love them more than I love my own penis!" You are not thinking logically and you're probably someone I hate. Talk shit about how annoying Tom's stories are to your grandma or something. For real, shit spreads all over the place like fucking mono. If you talk shit it will get back to the victim of the slander so watch what you say. I understand you like this person and they're very pretty and nice or whatever, but don't abandon every drop of logic and straight thinking you are capable of. It's okay to let loose and be yourself around someone, but leave just a bit of mystery to keep things fresh, and don't do or say things you know you are going to regret eventually.

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  1. But the way you wrote this makes it seem like everyone who breaks up ever acts like a 16yr old girl. I've actually had more "good" breakups than "bad" I'm still friends with about 80% of my ex's... if not friends than at least no animosity. I have two ex's who I'd love to see fail in life but they fucked me up mentally/emotionally.

    I think you're right though, you really shouldn't trust anyone though, not even family. My mom's sister can't keep her fucking mouth shut about anything, and is also the most hypocritical person I've ever met. Sometimes I'd like to stab her... lol

    Love your posts btw