Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Think I'm Having a Heartastroke

Finally I get to use the words today and productive in the same sentence. I willed myself awake after only a few hours of sleep to move out of my house, a task that I almost put off entirely until the last minute. After five hours of moving an entire truck bed full of clothes and five guitars among other things my possessions were finally in my new living space. After getting slightly emotional leaving the house I grew up in I made my way to Princeton (which is not where I am currently living, by the way). After lunch with my brother, I got up with a buddy of mine and we made our way out and about. My travels eventually led me to a room full of new acquaintances that happened to be puffing on the wacky tobaccy. I have nothing against pot smokers and I personally think pot should be legal, but smoking it is just not my deal. At this point I was pretty tired from lack of sleep and moving my shit all afternoon. Predicting this, I stocked up on extra strength 5 hour energys. I decided that since everyone else was getting stoned I should have something going on, so I preceded to chug off three of the 5 hour energys. Soon after my buddy and I left and came back to his apartment, which brings us to the present. Upon entering I exclaimed: "I think I'm having a heartastroke!" as the energy supplements began to put my blood flow into hyperdrive. Oh, I also acquired the new Foster The People album. From what I've heard it sounds like indie gold, but I'm sure I'll dedicate and entire post to the album when I've heard it all. Ever notice how fucking rad Google is? My friend and I had a huge back and forth about how helpful it is. How he learned to rid his computer of viruses and make his own toothpaste and how I learned to (excuse me while I go pee) jump the wall on Wario's Stadium on Mario Kart to skip half the track with Google. Bing is just crap. Honestly, have you ever used it? The commercials make it look like it might not suck, but it really just sucks. I'm not all about the 'This is what I did today' blogs but I felt the world should know this useless information. I'm tired as shit. Also, the fucking McRib is back, I think I might have a heartastroke. Oh wait, too late.

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